Things to Think About When Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Building an outdoor fireplace is a great idea if you want to make the most of the upcoming winter months. However, it is really important to consider certain aspects of the things that you need to know when building one of these so that you can get the exact result that you wanted to begin with. Here are some of the main factors that you will need to pay attention to.

What Kind Of Cost Will Be Involved?

The models and styles of fireplaces will be different. Metal and wood are two of the most commonly used substances for building a cast iron fire pit or a wooden one. Therefore before you proceed with the project compare the different products that are there in the market today and see what can be bought according to the budget that you have in place. There are enough and more options in the market today no matter what your budget is.

Would You Like A Portable Or Permanent Option?

If you are going to use something that is permanent then that needs to be one of the most focal areas of your garden and you can actually get is professionally built in. Or you can do it yourself too if you have the techniques, tools and the skills that are needed for it. If you are going to think of a portable option, it will be easy for you to carry it around and it will also be quite handy to have. Make sure that the material itsmade of is hardy and durable and will not splinter due to the heat,so that everybody who is in proximity to it is safe.

What Size Do You Want?

One other factor to think about is the size of the fireplace. There are many different styles and shapes available along with sizes but if you are going to keep this in the backyard and especially if it is a permanent one, the size of that should be proportionate to the backyard. Apart from that, think about the kind of purpose that it will have and how much heat you are looking to generate as well.

Is It Wood Or Gas?

Gas has the advantage of not having any smoke or smell when it burns through. You will have to be really careful though and make sure that it is not exposed to flammable conditions that may cause explosions. With wood while there is smoke and a fragrance, wood fireplaces are often associated with that comfortable sound of crackling and spitting which in itself is a factor that makes any chilly night cozy and comfortable.

Where Should You Place It?

You should never mount the fireplace on any surface that is flammable like a wooden deck because if embers fly out there can be accidental fires. Therefore always keep it in a place that is safe like gravel, cement and concrete. In addition to this check your state laws and see what kind of permits and requirements you need to fulfill in order to have one built on your premises.