Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Renovating any bathroom can be tedious so you need to have a plan in place. It really does not matter what your purpose is, you always want your bathroom renovations to go as smoothly as possible, increase curb appeal and make people comfortable. The problem is that even when a plan exists, there are mistakes that can happen. This is why you should learn about the following bathroom renovation mistakes, as highlighted by Fix It Right Plumbing.


The available budget is always one of the most important things to take into account. You can easily find your perfect bathroom in a magazine but cannot really afford it. The good news is that achieving a dream space is possible even with a limited budget. Try to find great options at local trade stores and online. If you cannot find something with the budget you have, simply look for alternatives.

Not Hiring Licensed Professionals

There are many DIY projects you can do in your home but this does not mean all projects should be handled by you. Many homeowners and even real estate investors want to save money so they focus on DIY. For the bathroom though, you do need many renovation parts handled by true professionals. Licensed tradespeople will be costly but you get the guarantee that everything is handled properly. Do be sure that you choose the professional that has perfect reviews and get everything in writing before a project is started.

Thinking Some Areas Are Impossible For Bathrooms

As you plan bathroom location you can end up thinking there are areas where it is impossible to add bathroom fixtures. No matter the case, the truth is that technology advanced to the point at which there are many options available, making placements so much easier. You want to conduct a research and actually see if the location you had in mind is impossible or not.

Not Considering Bathroom Layout

Space layout is very important. When you do not properly plan this aspect, there is a huge possibility you will not be able to properly get out of your shower or you might even be completely uncomfortable as you sit on your toilet. Always plan everything. You can plan the space yourself but if you do not feel comfortable about space calculations, hire experts. The local trade stores or larger sellers like IKEA can give you references for people that can easily help you take bathroom layouts into account as you plan the entire renovation.

Bad Storage

Storage is simply vital for a bathroom but it is something many do not take into account. You can so easily miss storage since we are just not used to considering it. The mistake though can be avoided when planning storage too. Think about how much you will need to store inside the bathroom and what has to be added. Try to add eye-level cupboards for the items you often used and under counter storage for items you do not often use like extra toilet paper or spare shampoo.